Are Livestock or Poultry Losses by Night Predators
Costing you Money?

Are you Under Pressure from Retailers to supply
Predator Friendly Products?

We Have the Solution to End Your Sleepless Nights
and Increase your Profitability


Night Eye Protector

The Night Eye Protector is an Eco-friendly, cost effective, light weight flashing light designed to deter night predators from attacking livestock and/or chickens.

Features of the Night Eye Protector

  • Eco- friendly
  • Solar powered
  • Flashing lights (3 bright LED lights on each side)
  • Deters predators
  • Designed to be attached to the horns of livestock
  • Can be attached to perimeter poles and fencing of chicken coups.
  • Automatically activates at dusk & deactivates at dawn
  • Visible from a distance
  • Lasts in excess of 100 hours between charges
  • Cost effective (4-5 lights per 100 sheep required)
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable unit price
  • Lightweight
  • UV proof
  • Waterproof
  • Withstands extreme temperatures.

Challenges Facing Farmers

  • Huge annual losses due to attacks on livestock and poultry by night Predators such as Jackals and Caraculs.
  • Costly fencing of lands
  • Mounting consumer pressure to use predator-friendly deterrents & eco-friendly products (Woolworths retail chain have indicated a preference to purchasing meat from predator friendly farmers)
  • Eco-friendly farming may not always be economically viable
  • Management and maintenance of traditional deterrent methods can be costly, time consuming and labour intensive.
  • Some traditional methods used to protect livestock & poultry come with the risk of killing innocent animals.

Background Of The Night Eye Protector

It is common knowledge that nocturnal animals will tend to feed in safe areas where they are not noticed.

A farmer from the Adelaide area in the Eastern Cape came up with the idea that if cats-eyes warn motorists of possible danger, why could the same cats-eyes not deter night predators from attacking and killing his sheep?

He purchased some of these cats-eyes and during lambing season, attached approximately 3 flashing cats-eyes per 100 head of sheep. According to this article he indicated that during that particular season, he could not find any sheep which he had lost due to Caracal and Jackals attacks.

Advantages of the Night Eye Protector

  • Saves you money!!!
  • More economical than most traditional methods (fencing, guard dogs & donkey’s etc.)
  • More eco-friendly than poisoning, Gin traps or hunting.
  • Less maintenance than most traditional protection methods.
  • Solar powered.
  • Eliminate the threat of harming humans, property, pets or livestock.
  • Offers protection of Gardens, crops and plantations from unwanted animals.

Night Eye Protector Uses

  • The optimum number of protectors that are needed for livestock protection depends on the density of the livestock but a rule of thumb is that between 4 and 5 protectors per 100 sheep should be adequate.
  • The optimum number of protectors that are needed to protect your chicken coup is dependent on the area to be protected. At the very least, the lights need to be installed on the perimeter poles or fencing facing outward in all directions.
  • The Night Eye Protector can also be attached to perimeter poles or fences to keep unwanted animals away from garden, crops and plantations.

The Product  

The Night Eye Protector is a solar powered flashing light that is attached to the horns of a sheep or goat and in the case of poultry can be attached to the corners of a chicken coup. It can also be used to attach to poles or fencing to keep unwanted animals away from crops, gardens and plantations.


The Night Eye Protector Product Specifications are:

  • Dimensions : 125 mm x 22 mm
  • OEM & ODM : Yes
  • Housing Material : PC Plastic
  • Solar panels : Import monocrystalline silicon
  • Solar panel specifications : 2V X 120 mAIt is visible up to 1000 m.
  • Battery : Rechargeable battery 1 piece
  • Battery Specifications : 2V x 800mA
  • Light Source : LED
  • Light emitting brightness : > 6000mcd
  • Light emitting frequency : 2Hz ±20%
  • Colour : White or red or blue
  • Visible distance : 1000m (terrain dependent)
  • Compression strength : 10 Tons
  • Sealing : IP67
  • Quality assurance : 1 year in normal use

Media Article

Below is an article that appeared in Landbouweekblad Boereplanne Uitgawe No. 1 – 2015



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