Making A Harness To Attach Light To Polled Sheep

In the case of polled sheep (ie. Dorper sheep), a harness has been designed which, together with the flashing light, is attached to the top of the sheep’s back just behind the shoulder. The sheep appears to suffer no ill effects or discomfort (see photograph).

It is relatively simple for the farmer, at very little cost or effort, to manufacture the harness him/herself.

Manufacturing process

Cut a piece of no. 8 fencing (5mm) wire at a length of approximately 65cm long.

The fencing wire is then bent in the form of a U-shape approximately 10cm wide and each end of the wire is then inserted through one of the two holes in the flashing light.

Each end of fencing wire is then bent to form a circle to which a thin leather strap or length of thin rope can be attached. It is recommended that the surplus portion of the leather strap or rope is tied with a thin wire to avoid it loosening or unravelling. (see photograph)

The fencing wire is then shaped to fit with the contours of each specific sheep in order for the harness to remain comfortable and fit snugly around the sheep.

As the fencing wire harness is fairly rigid, the flashing light will not easily rotate resulting in discomfort to the sheep and reduced effectiveness.

The shape of the harness can be manually adjusted as the sheep grows.

It has also been found that the sheep’s wool quality is not negatively affected by the use of the harness.